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Welcome to Malevolents of Xibalba!

MoX is a multi-game guild created in 1998 which puts fair-play and teamplay first and foremost. Enjoy your stay!

Want to join?

23:10:24 by Thorvid | Views: 1323 | Comments: 0

A new MoX Guild or Kinship has been created in the world of Lord of the rings Online on the RP server Laurelin. Like its past and present counterparts, MoX-Lotrosa will be a place to enjoy a decent game in a fellowship of mature gamers who appreciate teamplay and cooperation. Our prime goal is to have fun whil...
21:33:15 by Lanski | Views: 1269 | Comments: 0

Make The Horde Look Sexy and become a millionaire!!!


Courtesy of your CoV leader Rawhide!...
23:40:58 by Durin Danark | Views: 1442 | Comments: 0

[Read Full article....]...

xx ET Event | 08 Apr 07

21:42:22 by Durin Danark | Views: 1455 | Comments: 0

[read Full article....]...
13:06:00 by Lazarus | Views: 1879 | Comments: 0

Gruul the Dragonslayer, scourge of Blade's Edge Mountains has been slain by MoX, only a couple of raids after defeating his most trusted Lieutenant, High King Maulgar.  Several lucky raiders were able to dip their hands into the Gronn-lords' cache of treasure and walk away laden down with assorted upgrades.

MoX will continue its highly successful raiding progress into the new content pr...
19:36:07 by Lanski | Views: 2461 | Comments: 0

It is with great pride that I and the other administrators, captains and officers announce the re-launch of the forum and a successful switch over with very few glitches.

A big thank you to all those involved with creating the forum and supporting the move.

A massive WHERE ARE YOU ALL?! to all those members yet to register. We know that we have alot of members who frequent th...
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