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Author Topic: LOTRO recruitment  (Read 4298 times)

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LOTRO recruitment
« on: 01 October, 2011, 09:45:38 pm »
Welcome to MoX and The Shadows !   :)

MoX and the Shadows have been active in LOTRO on the [EN-RP] Laurelin server since the game’s launch in 2007. In February 2008 The Shadows and MoX decided to join forces and merged under the kinship name The Shadows.

MoX is an 18+ mature, friendly, multi-game guild running since 1998 with fair-play and team play as its principal values. We have a solid guild structure for our adventures in Lord of the Rings Online and when you become a member of MoX in LOTRO, you also become a member in other games (e.g. Age of Conan, Aion, All Points Bulletin, Champions Online, City of Heroes / City of Villains, EVE Online, Planetside, Rift, RTS, WOW and SWTOR).

Our kin membership includes a good mix of new and very experienced gamers, covering all levels and classes. We are a close-knit group of friends and we prefer that our members have all their characters within our kinship (with a very few exceptions decided on a case by case basis) and do not have characters in other kinships.

Fun gaming is our goal and while we always aim to reach the current end-game content, we see ourselves as a casual raiding kinship.  This means we allow members to attain end-game content at their own pace and we also arrange regular gaming sessions where our more experienced members will help newer (and less experienced) players through their first time in older game instances.  We also sometimes revisit older content with friends (e.g. and The Rift) just for laughs.

We engage in PvMP both on the Creep and Freep sides but we always play to have fun!

In addition to the gaming side, we also enjoy a thriving RP community.  We own our entire neighbourhood district (Langdell in Bree) and hold regular in-game kin events such as our Christmas Party and general get-together events.

We also have our own music band called The Shades (Read more about the Shades here: The Shades Public Forums).


The Shadows and Shades engage in creative projects too

Member Conduct

Shadows/MoX members should be friendly and respectful at all times – both to their fellow kin members and non kin-members alike.  As a trial and full member of MoX you will be representing the entire kin and will be expected to do so in a positive manner.

How to Apply for Membership

If you would like to apply to join, or would like further information, contact our leader (Thaumatur) or one of our officers (Lithia, Surma, Achazia, Carani, Eovina, and Samjase) in-game for an informal chat. A useful tip is to type in game '/who the shadows' and any kin member will direct you to an officer.

Once this is done, you must register on the MoX forum ( and post an application for a trial membership.  Please include the following details as a minimum:
  • Your character name(s)
  • Personal information (e.g. age, country, interests, what you do in your daily life, etc. (provide as much information as you feel comfortable sharing on a public forum)
  • State why you wish to join The Shadows/MoX
  • Tell us about your gaming history and in-game preferences (e.g. instances, raiding, roleplaying, etc.)
  • Finally (and most importantly) state that you have read and agree to abide by the MoX Charter
Once you have made your application we generally give the kin a couple of days to read the forum and see that a new member has applied (and to say hello) and then you get introduced in-game and start your trial.

Trial Period and Full Membership

New members undergo a trial period which provides an opportunity to get to know the kin and allows other members to get to know you.  As a trial member you should actively engage in kin activity (e.g. questing fellowships, raids, engaging in kin chat, assisting other members, etc). 

At the end of the trial, members wishing to be granted full kin membership must post on the forum requesting this.  Membership is granted if three existing full members post in support (sponsorship) of your application – so use your trial period wisely.

Members receive access to the inner forums of all MoX games.  Our forums provide many useful links and helpful information about all of our games so you can ask questions to other game members too.

Best of luck !   :)
Lord of the Rings Online Officers

Lord of the Rings MoX Captain:
Forum name: Thaumatur
 In-game characters: Thaumatur, Behn, Araubarack, Inverion, Andraax, Dukris, Tifin, Belegosta, Carneyar

Forum Officers:
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 Main in-game character: Carani
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Forum name: Achazia
 Main in-game character: Achazia
Forum name: Eovina
 Main in-game character: Eovina
Forum name: Wicked Mouse
 Main in-game character: Samjase
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