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Author Topic: All new Planetside 2 Recruits look here!  (Read 3423 times)

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All new Planetside 2 Recruits look here!
« on: 03 December, 2012, 10:45:39 pm »

Recruitment Info

Malevolents of Xibalba (MoX) plays Planetside 2 on the EU server Miller under the banner of the Terran Republic (TR). MoX is an 18+ mature, friendly, multi-game guild running since 1998 with fair-play and team play as its principal values.

We are looking for mature, skilled and active players, who want to join us in our quest to bring order to chaos and unite the factions under one banner voluntary or by force. Cross-faction play is not allowed. Good knowledge of English (written and spoken) is required as MoX is a mutli-national outfit.

MoX have since Planetside been a Special Operations outfit, doing the jobs behind the lines that others won't do or can't do. MoX will continue this tradition as much as the meta game allows us to do, the times are changing and MoX is changing with it.

If you wish to apply, please complete the Planetside 2 application form also seen below.

Please also not you must have installed Teamspeak 3 and are aware you must be logged into Teamspeak when in game to help with communication with other outfitmembers.Ts3 is found here:

Also please be aware we have to outfit nights, Tuesday is a training/Recruitment night where we open up our squads. At weekends we have join ops with either TRAM {Terran republic alliance Miller} or SoV {sound of Violance} and have an epic time

If we feel you are suitable, we will invite you to take a minimum 2 week trial with us followed by a 6 month probationary period. This trial can be extended or ceased at any time if required.

Notes to Applications, trials and sponsorship, according to the Charter:

i. If the information provided is satisfactory, the appropriate recruitment officer for the stated game will start the recruit's 2-week trial. During these two weeks the recruit should play with MoX members as much as possible and be on teamspeak when I game, this shows us your are active and will help invite other members to come play with you. This also alows you to get to know them and the recruit can learn more about MoX, its members and its ethics. The recruit should also visit the MoX forums frequently as they are the primary means of communication for MoX members and also allows the recurit to keep track of Upcomming Operations

ii. If an existing MoX member believes the recruit has the MoX spirit we look for they may agree to sponsor the recruit's application. If sponsors are not immediately forthcoming, the recruit can ask any member if they will be a sponsor.

iii. If the recruit has at least 3 sponsors by the end of their 2-week trial they will be allowed to join MoX as a probationary member. If not, the recruitment officer will either extend the trial or turn down the application. The recruitment officer can extend the trial for as long as they feel is necessary. In all cases the recruitment officer will have the final say on a recruit becoming a full member or not.  When a recruit passes their trial they are accepted into MoX as a probationary member for their first 6 months with us. During this time the recruit will still be under scrutiny and if they violate any of the rules of the charter, or the recruitment officer believes they do not have the MoX spirit, they may be removed from the guild at the recruitment officer's discretion.

iv. If the recruit has proven themselves to be MoX material by the end of the 6-month probationary period they will become a full member, and will become able to sponsor new recruits to the outfit

MoX planetside 2 Application

What other games apart from Planetside 2 do you play?:
A bit about yourself:
Character name:
Main class:
What are you mainly certing into (main class, vehicle, leadership etc.)?:
How often do you play Planetside 2 (typical weekly playtime and which hours)?:

MoX essentials

Do you have Teamspeak 3? (Voice communications is essential to our playstyle and it's Mandertory to play with us.)

Please also confirm you have read and agreed to the MoX Charter Found here:

Also by the end of your two week trail you Must have AMS and squad beacon 1 certifications

About you.
Have you been in another outfit on Miller? (Yes/No):

If so: Which one(s)? And why did you leave?:


Why did you choose the class you are now playing as your main class?:

Certification (ie what you have spents certs on what you plan for the future:

Do you know anyone in MoX who can vouch for you?:

Why do you want to join MoX?:

What type of guild are you looking for?:

What are your goals when playing Planetside 2, what do you want to achieve and how long do you plan to keep playing?:

Additional Information:
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