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Author Topic: Shalden WoW application  (Read 1287 times)

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Shalden WoW application
« on: 30 January, 2017, 12:15:04 am »

Applications type: Social player/PvP/PvE
Name: Shalden (kwsha)
Age: 22
Country: KSA
What other games apart from WoW do you play?: LoL, Other randoms

How often do you play WoW (typical weekly playtime and which hours)?: 4-8hrs weekdays, 10-12hrs weekends (no specific times)

What high level alts do you have?: a few 100's on Grim-Batol

Why did you chose the class you are now playing and the professions you selected?: i like the playstyle of Assasination rogue with rework


Do you have Teamspeak? nope, can get on it if needed

Our Raid times are from 20:00 to 0:00 server time with invites starting at 19:30. This will also be the case when doing our social/alt raids so make sure you can stay for the duration if you sign up for one of these runs.

Have you been in another guild?
yes, but they werent speaking english, got kinda annoying not understanding them nor cummonicating with them

Feel free to list your PvE experiences in the game:
ICC in wotlk, in Cata quitted pve till WoD, did first 2 raids normal/hc after that hardcore pvp,

If you apply for PvP:
got to 2k in WoD and sitting on 1950 CR atm, not applying for pvp tho

- What experience do you have in raids? NH 6/10 hc 10/10 normal EN 4/7 Mythic ToV 3/3 hc/normal
- Do you have a PvP spec and glyphs and/or willing to change from your PvE to PvP spec if taken along to PvP events?: Yea
- What current gear for PvP do you currently have?: got pvp and pve set, but 1 peice from PVP set is in my PVE set, couldnt find one with better stats

Explain a little about what you like to do in World of Warcraft:
Duels mostly, and the raid content depends if its challenging or not


Do you know anyone in MoX who can vouch for you?: Yea Ooxx

Explain a bit about why you want to join MoX?:looking for good guild raiding experience, since it much way better then doing pugs

What type of guild are you looking for?: Social/PvP/PvE

Additional Information:

Confirmation that you have read, understood and agree to abide by the MoX Charter (Yes/No): Yes

Is there anything else you feel is relevant to your application or that you would like us to know? Not really


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