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Hello all

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Some of you maybe asking themself..who the hell is mortywise in chat...  
Let me introduce myself....

My charname is Mortywise(burglar) and my rl-name is Serge,40 years old,living in Belgium.
I am married for about 18 years and i got 2 kids(son 10 years old and a daughter of 17 years old )
I am a proud member of Phoenix Legion and former officer in LOTRO.
I played LOTRO from the start with my guardian Postywise and i loved pvp,specially monsterplay.
I dropped the game cause of lack of interest and endgame was really *** imo
Meanwhile i played AOC,WOW,AION.....but now i am back and i hope we can do some stuff together  
Greetings from Belgium and lets have some fun

Hello Posty - I've given you access to the Shadows alliance forums so you can see what's happening



Ty m8,i have some reading to do

Hey Posty. Welcome to our little Alliance Fun House!

Hi and welcome Postmorty...or is it Mortposty!


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