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Author Topic: A lovely night  (Read 1764 times)

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A lovely night
« on: 06 February, 2010, 02:40:59 pm »
*written in a haste*

Today I feel so happy..I cannot really stop smiling. Silly me. I even broke a vase because I was dancing by myself in my house. I cannot stop thinking about what happened yesterday. What a lovely night..Filled with music and dancing. A lot of smiles and laughter filled the Inn yesterday. And I also met someone I have not seen for a long long time.

It all started when I met my good friends and the fair elven Ladies Tingilinde, Eovina and Lithia by the fountain outside the Inn. As usual we started to discussing our dresses, gossiping a bit before we decided to enter The Inn... Well of course we had a purpose with our meeting in Prancing Pony, we were gathering together to practice some of our new songs. Eovina and Lithia had brought their harp, handcrafted by the elf's in Lorien, beautiful decorated, carved in Mellorn wood and can play every scala you can think of. And I cannot describe how much I appreciate their presence when we are about to perform. Well I could write books about our unusual friendship and how we met. But to make the story short:...What we have in common is the music, that is the main reason that we are bound together that can't be explained, but do explain our good friendsship.

When we entered the Inn..There was quite a few people around drinking ale, talking..And someone just sat by themselves pondering or reading books. And some turned their attention towards us..of course when four Ladies enters the Pony in our finest dresses, what can you expect.....
Suddenly I saw a man dressed in black by the counter, and my heart jumped when I saw a him and he turned around looking at me with his warm, kind eyes.
It was Blackthorne, Kosei Blackthorne. He smiled at me and I could not resist walking towards him and give him a hug. My spontaneous action made me very embarrassed and of course I had to apologize. He just laughed and told me how happy he was to see me again..well I had not seen him for a long long time, so I could not really help myself.... I had so many questions but I did not had time to ask them because we were about to play.

When my good friend Lillabeth and Abergar came we all started to play the first song.."My Dream" The song is not about wealth, not about have certain powers or skills, is not about peace, nor love either. Is about my home, there is nothing more I long for when I am on my journeys, than go home to my home in Arwich.... Oh..this was just a sidenote.. *thinking and continue writing in the diary*..
Suddenly we were surrounded by curious people..And I do think I saw some hobbits to looking at us, but hiding themselfes at once they got attention(hmm.could have been Krystalis...). And we played many melodies, and I hope and believe people appreciate the music. We even had the chance to practice Lillabeths new song aswell "When Trees goes to sleep" I have not asked her what the song is about... But perhaps she believes that her Trees in Greenwood sleeping now while the war going on there. A song that gives her great comfort maybe I do not know. But the song was very well received by the audience. And she smiled and looked so happy. And I think everyone were pleased. And I really do hope people enjoyed and that we gave them some happiness through our music for a little while. I really hope so. Because the music is not for ourselfs..It is a gift to everyone that wants to listen at it.

After our mini performance we got free wine and fifty silver coins from the lovely and very kind waitress Lady Cymaru. Oh 50 silver coins!! I shall buy new flowers today..and a new vase..That is for sure!

Kosei Blackthorne unexpected started to play tunes on his Lute when we were relaxing a bit afterwards..And I hope he did not notice I was staring at him.. a bit too much perhaps. But I do not think he noticed.
Mugendo were also around. As usually he talked to me about the music, stories, gave me ideas and he think he noticed that I acted a bit different this night.. I think somehow he sees right through me sometimes and know exactly what I feel and whats on my mind... And he expressed some concerns.. but I do not know what he ment..

I cannot really wait til our next rehearse. I do think we will play on other places than Prancing Pony. There are darker places, poor people around that really need some light and joy that perhaps has not opportunity to go to Bree, so next week we will go someplace
else... I can't really wait!

((A hint will be placed on the notice-board on Laurelin Archives very soon *winks*))
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