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Shalden Leaving the guild


Hello fella MoX's i will leave the guild with my rogue "Shalden" duo to server transfer.
Im moving to other server "Kazzak to be exact" got an offer there to join a guild with progress in mythic, i really havnt done any mythic raids in my years playing WoW so im really looking forward for that new experience. Unfortunately we havnt done any progress since i joined "Nor got the full member stat, sadly"

Anyhow my warrior will still be a MoXy and will be my main in Grim Batol server
sorry for no notice before but it was a spare in the moment kind of thing
Hope you understand and the best of luck

sincerely Shalden.

mythic raiding is for tryhard dweebs.

all the best in the future!! kill all them bosses on our behalf  .

I'm going to miss that third yellow bar.

Best of luck!



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