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Author Topic: City of Heroes / Villains Recruits  (Read 2695 times)

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Raging Speedhorn

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City of Heroes / Villains Recruits
« on: 12 February, 2007, 01:09:27 pm »
MoX is active both in City of Heroes and City of Villains. We have a coalition of Supergroups in order to house all our characters. You will find that MoX are highly motivated, highly organised and focussed, we aim to be the best and to have as much fun as possible along the way. If this is the sort of gaming you want then read on, if it's not for you, then say hello when we pass you on the server.

Rule 1. Have fun playing City of Heroes/Villains.
Rule 2. The Supergroup Coalition is arranged as follows
MoX and MoX II: The principle supergroups, these SGs earns the prestige. You can swap heroes in and out of the MoX SG's as you wish.
The Horde: The Principle SG in City of Villains.
The Malevolents: An SG for less used Villains.
MoX Avengers: The ELITE. Membership to this SG is by invitation only. They represent MoX in all matters of importance.
Rule 3. Your heros in MoX main remain in Supergroup Mode at all times. SG colours are optional. The payback is that registered members can request influence from the MoX stockpile in order to max out on their enhencements. Incentive enough I think.
Rule 4. You MUST register and post a request to trial in the new members section. Failure to do this may result in you being kicked from the Supergroup.
Rule 5. Get Teamspeak. You don't have to speak but it is almost beyond usefulness for team play, orders can be heard instead of read, tactics can be explained quickly on the fly, far far superior to typing.
Rule 6. Team Play comes first. If you are in a team, be a team player not a glory hog. Play your part and play it well. This is where MoX excels above others. This has no relevance to soloing, we all do it but IF you are on a team, be a team player. and that means a team with ANYBODY on Union.

The Forums: Very useful, we have a lot of essential information there. It's a good place to get your questions answered and to have your say in what happens to MoX as a whole. It's also a great community, sometimes it's hilarious, sometimes it's serious but it's always fun!!
Teamspeak: As said in the rules, TS is a really good tool for this and many other games, it's good for asking what level teams are on the go BEFORE you have even logged on to CoH. You really don't have to speak on it if you don't want to but it is invaluable as a way of disseminating information quickly with minimal disruption to the flow of the game.
HeroStats: A useful tool for keeping track of the durations of buffs/debuffs on yourself or on others or for keeping track of your XP gain per minute or even the recharge times for your powers. It runs in a little unobtrusive window on top of CoH.
HeroBuilder: Fantastic for planning out a hero after you have done a respec. Updated regularly, caters for heros as much as for villains.
Influence/Infamy: We work as a community as well as a team. If you need Influence for one of your characters.....ASK! As long as your requests are not unreasonable we will try to supply you with what you need. All we ask in return is that you register on the forums and, when you have a level 50 toon of your own, you do to others as was done to you, share the wealth.
Global List: We currently have a Global Handle thread on the forums. People post there with there forum identity and their Global ID. It gets updated regularly.
The MoXComm Global Channel: Very useful. A Global chat channel exclusively for use by MoX and her members. A global channel will be useable by any character that you have whether it's in the SG or not. It needs a little bit of setting up to make it visible for each individual hero but that's all. Then it acts just like any other chat channel.
MoX Officers: A list of officers and their individual responsibilities is available on the forums. If you have a problem or query, these should be your first point of contact. Just consult the list and either send a PM, start a thread or contact them ingame.
Global Friends: Another very useful feature which we suggest you use. Each time you team with a �Moxie� be sure to add them to your global friends list. You can then check quite easily which of your friends is on with which hero.
Vidiotmaps: An almost indispensable resource, a map of EVERY zone in the game complete with details of the levels and types of spawns, the location of all badges and plaques, giant monster spawn points and loads loads more. Check out
Grievances: Should you have a problem with the actions of someone within MoX, please tell them so BUT do so politely. Should someone be doing something you dislike or are offended by, tell them BUT DO SO POLITELY. Most of the time this will be the end of the matter, however, if it is not, please contact an officer as soon as possible....Politely!! wink.gif


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