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Hi Guys,

Just poped by to say hello. You may or may not be aware that SPV has reformed in Age of Conan. Just to let you know as most of us old boys (Spart, Queeg, Darkstar and others) played with TVL in WoW. Due to this we have included MoX and of course TVL on our friends list.

Hope you feel the same way.

Feel free to pop by and see us:


Celaeno aka Nexus.

Lo Celaeno

I've actually (and failing miserably I might add) being trying to get in touch with you for much the same thing

I'll add you to our allies list ofc,   Any problems that arise, poke me here or ingame (Lazarus or Surazal)


Hi Lazarus

Thanks for that, will have to catch up with you in game.

Will also have to send our members to this thread to say hi.

Kind regards



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