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Author Topic: What happened to the forum? Where is my account?  (Read 2631 times)

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Offline Lanski

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What happened to the forum? Where is my account?
« on: 09 March, 2007, 10:10:32 am »
Welcome Home MoXies!


Most of you will know that over the past few weeks we have been preparing to move home to a new and shiny forum. Well, this is it!

It may not look much different to the old one, but this is a much newer version of the forum software and I have to say that we are all very pleased with it thus far.

1: Register
Please now take the time to register with the forum, ensuring that you identify yourself the same way as the old forum if possible. If you want to take this opportunity to change you name please do, but make sure you post letting us know your old forum name if it isn't immediately obvious to all officers/captains/admins. That way there will be no delays in granting you your membership access.

2: Have patience
Please have patience with the admins as they try and process all of you to membership status. It's a manual job  

3: Make yourself at home
So, now you are here, feel free to pop an "I need access" post so that you are processed as swifty as possible.
Have a look around the new features and feel free to give feedback and suggesstions as these are always welcomed.

4: But what about the old forum?!
The old forum hasn't been deleted...don't panic!

It still exists on the following address:

It will remain as a legacy to MoX, that forum has our history dating back to 2003, it would be a crime to remove it. It is now a read only forum, but that doesn't stop you from linking people to read some of the many...hehe...posts that we have made over the years that define who we are.

Welcome to your new home MoXies!

Don't forget to leave your peanut contribution in the collection plate to your left  

May I take this opportunity to thank the admins, captains, officers and of course Chief of Staff for their support during setting this forum up and I hope we have a nice tidy and comfy home for a few years to come.

Long live MoX and all it's n00bs  
Lil Lanski Pinkette
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